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UK: (+44) 020 32872818
US: (+1) 209 2573239
(For Math Problems: 1 problem per page; problems that require very long calculations, and/or tables and graphs may be charged with additional page/s)
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What are the payment options?

Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and debit cards with the Visa and MasterCard logo. All transactions are processed through the secure payment interface of our payment provider

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How will I receive my completed essay?

Customers will receive their 100% custom essay/paper via email. It will be in MS Word format, Times New Roman Font Size 12, double-spaced with 1” margin on all sides and around 250-270 words per page. It will also be in the appropriate format (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, or any other).

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What is your delivery policy?

We understand your concerns when speaking about the delivery policy. This is why we always deliver the completed orders exactly on or before the specified deadlines. We are strict when it comes to the urgency of our papers.

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Can you write in British English?

Yes we can make free adjustments to convert your papers into English-UK format. Aside from catering to US-based students, we have also served students located in Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, and in other countries that are developing their English skills such as Korea, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, UAE and Singapore.

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Who is employed by your company to write the papers? employs qualified professionals to write for various academic subjects. Majority of our writers hold a Bachelor's and Master’s Degree in different disciplines, some of our resolutions specialists’ posses a Master's and Doctorate Degree in diverse disciplines. We will assign a writer who will be able to write specifically for the assigned subject and be well-informed to your given specifications. Our writers follow a strict solutions procedure that will guarantee you a very accurate custom paper. All our writers have one thing in common: years of quality on-hand academic experiences.

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What if I am not satisfied with the paper I receive? is concentrated on the absolute customer satisfaction. We are proud that the majority of our customers order custom papers from us more than once. To this reason if you are not completely satisfied with the custom paper you receive, we will provide the revision in the shortest possible time and FREE of charge as long as it is still following the original instructions of the order. Additional instructions that will be given during the revision stage would mean additional charges on the order. Your papers may be revised twice for your complete satisfaction.

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What is your policy regarding revisions?

Revision is free as long as the request was sent to us on or before the fifth day after we have submitted the paper to the customer.

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What is your policy regarding confidentiality?

Customer information is erased on our database after a month of not hearing any feedback from the customer. We are not liable to whichever purposes the customer uses our product. The client's information stays confidential. We do not disclose, share, distribute nor sell any of your information. and, our payment system provider, guarantees the absolute security of your transaction.

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Do you issue refunds?

If after numerous revisions and we still cannot satisfy our client, we coordinate with our payment gateways regarding each cases. does not offer refunds as otherwise our papers could be resold by competitors. However, we will provide the revisions free of charge.

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Can I order in MS Powerpoint format?

Yes you can. For special requests of MS PowerPoint presentation format without notes underneath the slides, two slides will be equal to one page (2 slides = 1 page). (Information in PowerPoint slides may or may not include tables and pictures. Notes inside a slide will be in bullet form and may not follow the 12pt Times New Roman font, 1” margin and double-line spacing rule). For slides with notes underneath, 1 slide = 1 page (maximum of 300 words per slide). You may e-mail us at for clarifications.

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What about the specific sources?

If the sources you require are not accessible to our writers (neither online nor in public libraries), you will have to send the specific sources via electronic mail or fax. In case you do not mention any specific sources, the right to choose the sources for an essay is granted to our writers. If you would like our writers to use the specific sources, you have to mention them in details field of the order form. You may e-mail us at regarding this matter.

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Yes you can. For Math Papers: one problem is equal to one page. Problems that require longer computations or subdivided answers, and/or graphs and tables will be charged with additional page/s. One table or one graph can also be equal to one page.

You will receive your 100% custom MATH paper via email; It will be in MS Word and or MS EXCEL format. For special requests of MS PowerPoint presentation format, one slide will be equal to one page. (Information in PowerPoint slides will only include table, graphs and computations, notes will be in bullet form and may not follow the 12pt Times New Roman font and double-line spacing rule).

How about subdivided situational problems?

On a case scenario/ problem-solution type of computation, each subdivided question will be viewed as a different problem, which is also equal to one page. Usually, one question should fit on one page. If not, then the customer must order for additional pages depending on the length of the computation of each question.

What about the specific sources of Formula?

If you would like our writers to use the specific sources of formula, you have to mention them in details field of the order form and send us a detailed copy through fax or through email using attachments.

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For further questions and inquiries, you may email us at and we will respond to you as quickly as possible or click here.

Disclaimer: provides papers that have a specific role of serving only as a guide for the students in doing their personal assignments, research papers and projects or for assistance purposes only. will not be responsible to whichever purpose the customer will use the product/s submitted to them. The essays should be used with proper reference.

NOTE: When we deliver your order, we recommend that you should read through the entire document just in case your professor asks you about it in detail. We also recommend you to tweak it so that it conforms to your writing style and habits. Some of our clients actually submit our work without reading it at all. You may be able to get away with it but do you really want to risk discovering that you had not written it yourself? Your professor knows your writing talents so try to revise it to conform to your style of writing.


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